Friday, February 5, 2010

Someone's lucky day (Winner!)

Drum roll... time to announce the winner of the amazing Glade prize. I know I kept going on about it, this is truly a nice prize for one lucky winner!

And remember how I mentioned the entries were kinda random? Yeah. I had entries from Americans (sorry, you weren't eligible for this one, and yes I was checking), daily tweets (it was a one-time thing. I enter plenty of contests myself and am not a big fan of the daily tweet entries - though you probably wouldn't guess it if you follow me on Twitter!), people who were eligible for extra entries and didn't take them, all entries combined into one comment... it was all over the map.

Um, folks, luvs you all, but in future you will make my life easier if you please follow the rules.

With this tangled skein to work with, I ended up making a spreadsheet with all the eligible comments (in order of entry) and drawing a number (with that corresponded to that.

I know, all you really want to know is... did I win??!?!!

But I thought I'd explain what was up on my end, so in case you're that person who says, #x? but I counted all the comments and I was #x! Why isn't my name in lights? ... well, this is why. Believe me, this is more fair all around. Eligible entries were counted and non-eligible entries were not.

Ok, enough babble. The winner is, out of 195 eligible entries....which is:
Yay! Congrats, and I hope this helps you enjoy your Valentine's Day with your husband :)

I wish I had a prize for everyone! However, I do have some nice things coming up - a quick little wall decal giveaway, the CD I mentioned earlier, maybe something else exciting (I'm working on it!). Do stick around :)

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