Friday, January 1, 2010

This better be a happy new year

...because I can't take another crap year like the last one.

So here's to 2010 being productive, exciting and full of new beginnings!


Yesterday the mail brought a lip and cheek stain from Balmshell that I won over on Sparkled Beauty (thanks!). So my crush on the Stila crush has abated somewhat as I play with my new product. The Balmshell one has cool packaging - a little swab in a clear jar on one end, and an anti-bacterial sponge on the other end for smearing on the cheeks, so you don't get blushing fingers. The colour I received was Scandalous Scarlet, which is a deep alizarin crimson in the jar and lighter (more sheer, anyway) on the lips.

I had some on last night and hubby didn't notice. But this morning I put some on and in the light of day today, the comment was, "What have you got on your face?!" Yes, I married a man full of compliments and admiration. He next told me he didn't think the colour was right for me. Then he said maybe he's just not used to it (I do have pretty pale lips and rarely wear colour so that is probably true).

I like it. It's maybe a little more towards fuchsia than I would pick but because it's sheer I can keep it light. The weird thing is, I got some on my finger and it did stain my finger a lot more than it looks like it's staining my lips. :) new makeup toy.

I was thinking I might do a recap on the year in terms of giveaways - I do enter an awful lot of them, and I do win some as well. I was thinking to share my favourite things I've won in the last year, and maybe sharing a little disappointment with things that I won that simply never showed up. Any interest? Or shall I just go on with things?


And a bit of catching up on giveaways that are on now:

For baby:
For the ladies:
For anyone:


  1. I hope this year is super great for you.
    My husband is the same way. I come out with some eyeshadow on. He says you have make up on. sigh At least they noticed

  2. I would love to read a recap of your favorite prizes and what didn't show up. Great idea!

  3. Thanks for blogging about the GREAT Giveaways :)

    good luck, and Happy New Year


  4. Emily, I'm glad the prize came to you before new year and glad you had fun with it. Just to clarify, did they send you the lip gloss too or just the stain?


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