Monday, November 9, 2009

What weekends are for...

This weekend was so busy. Here's what we accomplished in the two days:
  • ripping out the old shelf and rod in our closet, repairing the walls, repainting, and installing a great new system by Rubbermaid that has loads of storage and shoe shelves (finally!) - it even has drawers! Love it.
  • putting up the Christmas lights... I know it's early, but it was so nice to do it on a rare warm day in November than a freeze-your-buns-off day in December!
  • bringing in our patio set for the winter... aw.
  • making 2.5 litres of applesauce with locally grown apples from the market. Yum!
  • making an apple-cranberry loaf
  • making 8 meals' worth of butternut squash soup. Loading up the freezer with fall harvest goodness!
  • making two loaves of spelt bread. I love my Kitchenaid stand mixer (which I won in a contest last year)! We used to have a bread machine, which was great, but when a small plastic part in it broke and Black & Decker wouldn't replace the broken piece (instead telling us to throw out this large countertop appliance and buy a new one), we opted not to get a new one. Not cool to add to landfills rather than replace a 50-cent part! B&D gets a big thumbs down.
  • making chocolate ice cream (without an ice cream maker!). This one's for the grown-ups, as it's full of Baileys and rum! Mm. It's so easy, too. Though if you do make it, expect an overnight freeze time - the four hours the recipe says is not long enough. Maybe it would be, if you put it in a shallow container (I didn't think of that until too late). I confess, I had a spoonful at breakfast this morning :)
  • cleaning the house... just a regular weekend task, but it got done along with everything else
  • installing blinds on four windows. We finally got rid of the last of the 'temporary' paper blinds that have been up for two years since we moved in!
  • Hosting our great friends for dinner. They brought their sweet daughter, whom I adore!
I think that's all! Good stuff. Isn't it satisfying to get stuff done?! Ok, I'm finished bragging about our accomplishments... With Christmas on the way, the blog giveaways have really ramped up lately! Here are some giveaways for today.

For baby:
For the ladies:
For anyone:
For the dog:
  • Win a Natural Luxe Eco-Me Natural Dog Kit at Mkokopelli. Ends November 15th.


  1. Sounds like you were very busy! That's cool that you won a KitchenAid in a contest!

  2. I'm not crazy about B&D either. I havea stand mixer that DH bought me when we first got married as a housewarming present. It is awesome and I use it almost daily. How AMAZING that you won one!

    I just wanted to say thanks for the heads up on the Bjorn light cot. We're heading out on a huge adventure in May (Africa!) and I so completely want this to take with us. Our playpen is too heavy to bring since we already are travelling with a stroller, a 1 year old, a two year old and or luggage. This would be perfect for us and since it's not in the budget, my plan is to win it! Wish me luck!

  3. wow you sure did alot over the weekend..... i want to add I have a silk scarf giveway too (retail value $145).


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