Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Artisanal Bread in 5 minutes a day?!

Our bread machine finally gave up the ghost over Christmas, I guess 8 years of weekly (and often more than that) use got to it. Some little plastic cog broke inside and despite my pleas to the manufacturer (Black and Decker, listen up) they would not send me a replacement part at any cost. How frustrating! We loved that thing. I miss the easy pizza dough and our whole wheat and honey bread. I even made cinnamon rolls with it. . Nuts to B&D!

Anyway (rant over), if making artisanal bread in 5 minutes a day sounds good to you, there's a new book out that will teach you how to do just that, apparently. I say apparently because I haven't read it - but I'm hoping to win an autographed (!) copy over at The Adventures of Kitchen Girl. Enter by March 3rd and you might be the lucky winner instead!

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