Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Irish Fairy Door Review

I have a almost-six year old now, and she firmly believes in fairies! What a treat for her to review the Irish Fairy Door.

We received a magical little package that included a Fairy Door, a key in a bottle, some tiny stepping stones, a welcome guide/storybook, a little notepad for fairy notes, and a lease agreement between our family and our fairy!

We also got an Fairy Playtime accessory pack, which included a tiny swing, see-saw, bicycle and ladder. There are other accessories available too, for expanding your fairy's world and decorating around the door.

The Fairy Door is about 12cm tall, just right for a little fairy. It has a magical keyhole that works only for the fairy who moves in! We got a pink one, but they come in six different colours so you can select the one perfect for your home!

I decided to install the Fairy Door in secret, to surprise my daughter. I put it in her closet, above the baseboard. The ladder is just the right height for the fairy to reach the door! I used a Command Strip I had on hand to attach it to the wall. So easy.

 Look how cute it all is!!

When she first discovered the door (right after school, while playing in her room - nothing escapes this curious kid), she was SO EXCITED! Right away she began decorating the floor around the door with small shiny things to entice a little fairy to move in.

We did have to talk about how fairies make things work - she tried and tried to get that key to go into the keyhole before the fairy came and took the key. Of course it didn't work, because only magic can make the key work!

Magically overnight, the key has disappeared and now the fairy has made a home in her closet. Miss Fairy leaves little notes and trinkets for my little girl, and she couldn't be more excited to check every day if there is anything new.

You can even register your fairy online for email updates from Fairy Valley and cute activities and missions for your child.

The Irish Fairy Door retails for $24.99 US ($39.99 CDN) and you can buy it right from the Irish Fairy Door Company, or from Amazon! The Playtime Accessory Set is $14.99 US ($15.99 CDN) and is also available at both the Irish Fairy Door Company website and Amazon.

This really was a great addition to my daughter's room. She is absolutely certain that fairies are real, and to have one living in her room has made her so happy. I think this would be a fabulous gift for any believer!

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