Sunday, February 10, 2013

What could YOU do with $50,000? #GoldenKitten

Excuse my absence! We just returned from a much-needed vacation! :)

Can you imagine winning $50,000? What a dream come true! I think the hardest part (if anything's hard about that) would be deciding how to spend the windfall.

$50,000 for us would mean a new roof (ours sheds bits of shingle every time it's windy or it rains), and a yard renovation, as our new house came with some of the worst landscaping I've ever seen. It's an embarrassment to the neighbourhood! I would love a yard that Mia can play in and that we can enjoy as well! Not as exotic as new cars, trips or fancy clothes, but that's what would make our lives happier and better!

What would you do with fifty grand? Spend it on practical stuff, save it for a rainy day (or a child's education), or have a wild shopping spree? What a fun thing to imagine!
 You could actually be the winner and have that tough decision if you enter the Royale Golden Kittens 50th Anniversary promotion!The grand prize is $50,000 - and there are also 500 instant-win prizes!

There are 440 Golden Tickets hidden in packages of Royale bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towel and dinner napkins all over the country. Look for the specially marked packages and cross your fingers! There are also 60 Golden Tickets to find online, on and on the Royale Kittens Facebook page. Play a fun game for your chance to win a Royale Golden Kitten ticket - you have a chance to play and find one every day!

If you find a lucky Golden Kitten ticket, enter the PIN code online and see if you won an instant prize, then enter to win the grand prize or one of four runner-up prizes!

Instant win prizes include:
  • Samsung TVs
  • Samsung tablets
  • Samsung Blu-Ray players
  • SpaFinder Gift Cards
  • Limited edition plush Royale kittens (my daughter would LOVE one of those!)
ps, here's a photo of our new house's yard from last summer - it actually looks way nicer than it really is in this photo! All those trees you see are on the park side of the fence. In reality: the grading slopes towards the house, the garden beds are full of weeds (those white flowers are some kind of daisies that reek of urine - took us a while to figure out what the source of the nasty stink was in our yard! It's the flowers!), the layout of the beds is poor and they are lined with ugly stones two deep. In the front yard, there are three big beds with overgrown shrubs and weeds.

Our dream? A shed, a patio with a place for our hammock, a nice grass area for Mia and the new baby to play in, a couple of garden beds for flowers and vegetables (whatever we can grow here in Calgary). You might remember what we did with our old yard in Ontario, if you've been reading a while. We did major landscaping there and ended up with a really lovely escape in our own backyard (see some progress pictures here, and a couple of the end product here!). We really miss that.

“Disclosure – I am participating in the Golden Kittens Blog Tour by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Royale. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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