Tuesday, November 13, 2012

iShine Electronic Cleaning Wipes by Clorox - Review

One toddler with sticky fingers + about a zillion gadgets = a lot of messy screens to clean. My daughter has watched us use the tablet and our phones, and believes every screen is a touch screen that she must immediately touch - including the tv and our laptops.

Luckily for me, I got to try out the new Clorox Electronic Cleaning Wipes featuring Clorox Electronics Cleaning Spray.

It's bleach-free and ammonia-free, and it works really well to get rid of tiny fingerprints, dirt and smudges. We just use a wipe to clean the surface, and a microfiber cloth to give it a quick polish after. Voila!

We've put it to the test on our phones, tablet, tv, laptop screens and the display of a digital camera, and it's kept our screens shiny and clear... until the next time Mia happens by.

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